Monday, July 16, 2007

Announcing Erlware

Announcing Erlware! A set of OTP applications for building and distributing Erlang projects. Featuring build system, Sinan, and our package management tool, Faxien. We just released our beta so feel free to jump in and help us ferret out issues!

is our flagship build system. It is a build system designed expressly for Erlang OTP projects and unsurprisingly enough it is a %100 OTP project itself. Sinan, among other things will; compile and build your OTP project (apps and release), build your source code documentation, run dialyzer across all of the code in the project, run your eunit tests, and output reports.

Want to build your entire OTP project and leverage all your locally Faxien installed Erlang applications easily? Type 'sinan' in your project directory! Want to build all the edoc across your project? Type 'sinan doc'! How about build release artifacts - 'sinan release'.

provides an elegant Erlang/OTP package management system. It works much like apt or ruby gem but for Erlang/OTP. Faxien fetches packages from the remote repository and installs them on your local machine. Faxien also publishes packages located on your local hard disk into a remote repository. One of the most powerful aspects of Faxien is that packages are just OTP applications and/or OTP releases. We have leveraged the existing native Erlang artifacts to support dependencies and distributions instead of introducing yet another artifact. Faxien can publish and install both applications and releases. Faxien together with the remote repositories that it relies on provides a way to distribute entire Erlang standalone services to the world and it lets individuals developers benefit from the work and intelligence of the community at large by allowing them to install applications and entire executable standalone releases very simply.

Want Sinan? Type 'faxien install sinan'. Want to publish your application out for others to use? Type 'faxien publish my_app-1.0.0'

We are very proud of the final results of all the effort that we have put into the Erlware applications especially Faxien and Sinan. We hope you find these as valuable as we have found them. Good luck and remember to report back any issues that you find.

The full documentation and links to downloads can be found at

Happy Erlanging,
The Erlware Team

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Cool! Waiting for ebuilds :)