Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How to create an Erlware repository with Portius

Erlware tools, primarily Faxien, pull Erlang packages (Applications and Releases) from a repository. The Portius release makes it trivial for any group, company, or individual to host their own repository for their private resources. This video shows you how to use Portius to create an Erlware Erlang/OTP Package repository in just a few minutes.



www.erlware.org seems to be down. Couldn't install portius from repo.erlware.org. Are there other repositories to use?

Martin J. Logan said...

Should be up and running. Just checked and it looks good. Perhaps you can try again - did you use

'faxien install-release portius'

try that out and all should work out well. If not send the /tmp/faxien.err_log to erlware-questions@googlegroups.com.