Saturday, August 14, 2010

ErlangCamp - Erlang and OTP Workshop in Chicago Oct 23 and 24

ErlangCamp is here! You may have seen the announcement on the already. ErlangCamp is a two day hands on workshop for those interested in learning how to go from novices or experienced levels of programming Erlang to being able to confidently write production grade Erlang/OTP services.

ErlangCamp is an opportunity to learn from those who have done a ton with OTP and Erlang and put many many lines of code into production at companies ranging from huge to small. The curriculum will roughly follow the progression from the book "Erlang and OTP in Action" at but present a ton of new material from a different angle. When you leave you will know how to confidently put massively parallel, fault tolerant, distributed Erlang/OTP applications into production and then manage them from there. You can see a summary of what we will cover here on the ErlangCamp sessions page.

Keep up with the Camp via Twitter or Email

To keep up with what is going on with the Camp you can follow on Twitter or register or email update on the ErlangCamp official site home page.

Meet and greet

ErlangCamp will feature a great meet and greet session at a local Chicago establishment the first evening. This will be a great chance to meet other engineers and folks from companies that are looking to hire folks that can put Erlang into production! As at all times Erlangers get together it will be a lot of fun and lively conversation over good refreshments.

International Registration Help

Registrations are coming in from all over the world right now and
so if you are not from the Chicago area and would like to attend but
have questions about logistics or just need some extra help please
feel free to contact ErlangCamp coordinators through the ErlangCamp website.

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